Sunday, 14 November 2010

Vintage Princess at City Attic

One of the things I love about Facebook is how you can come across amazing things that you probably wouldn't ever find out about. As well as fab gossip, of course, there are such wonderful crafters on there, amazing people and other fabulous organisations that I just never would've usually found! I'm going to blog about lots more of these at some point soon, but there is one place in particular that I just have to tell you about!

It's because of Facebook that I came across City Attic. I have no idea how I've managed not to find out about the shop before but thank goodness I found them on Facebook! I simply adore it, it's like my perfect shop and it's in my hometown of Durham! Everything for sale there is so lovely. It's full of such beautiful homeware and other goodies, and now it's got my Vintage Princess Jewellery too! Yay!

The owner, the lovely Hayley- pictured below with my pup Archie- has very kindly offered to stock my jewellery in her gorgeous shop! I can't tell you how excited I was about it! I still am! Just to have my jewellery stocked in a shop in itself is a huge step for Vintage Princess, but to have it in such a stunning shop like City Attic is just suuuuuuper exciting!

If you live in or near Durham I really do recommend you visit the shop. I literally could buy everything in there, and I steadily am... hehe! Check out their website at for a taster of the wonderful pieces they have for sale. I guarantee you'll find something that you just can't live without! Just look how beautiful the shop is... :)

It really is such a 'Vintage Princess-y' style shop and I really do adore it. Hailey is such a talented lady to have such a beautiful shop and she is just so lovely too! I hope you do get the opportunity to visit the shop, but if you live too far away make sure you check out their website. I know you'll just love it :)

Happy Shopping!

Much love,

Vintage Princess


City Attic contact details-
They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter

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