Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Shamballa bracelets arrive on

Hello lovelies,

I want to let you know about the arrival of some gorgeous Shamballa bracelets on! They have been in my shop for some time, but they are finally available for the lovely ladies who live a little too far away from Durham to pay me a visit!

The line for these is... '♥ Not handmade, but too gorgeous to resist! ♥' as this is the first time items have appeared on the website that haven't been made by me! I hope you like them lots! I saw them and just couldn't resist getting some! I've got a few different styles- the 'Exquisite diamante shamballa'. These ones are the 'poshest' of the styles, are £18 and available from this link-

Then there's the Fairground colours shamballa bracelets that are available in either pink, grey or black... They are only £8.50 and available by clicking this link-

And finally there is the stunning Crystal ball shamballa bracelets that are available in either aqua, crystal and pink. These are £11.50 each and available here- 

'Open your mind and let it smile, like the lotus opens its petals to the heavens. Shed your fear, hate and envy and experience the rejuvenating smile of happiness.' That is the spirit of Shamballa Jewels...

I really hope you like these new pieces! I have of course kept one for myself- soon I'll no doubt have one of each! They are so gorgeous!

Thanks for reading my shamballa blog post :)

Much love,

Laura xXxXx
Vintage Princess Jewellery

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