Sunday, 5 February 2012

Vintage Princess Jewellery's blog is back

Hello lovelies,

Sorry I've not posted on my blog for a VERY long time. I've been so busy! There have been lots of changes with Vintage Princess Jewellery since I last blogged. I've now got a shop! It's upstairs in City Attic, 74-76 North Road, Durham, DH1 4SQ. From here I make and sell my jewellery, accessories, bags, scarves and lots more gorgeous goodies!

I've got a gorgeous website-

I've got a wonderful photographer- Katelizabeth Photography

And there are so many more amazing things happening that I'm going to keep you updated with/fill you in about!

Hope you're all well, it'll be great to keep in touch with you again!

Much love,

Laura xXxXx

Vintage Princess Jewellery


  1. hehe yaaay your blog looks fabulous dear!! much better than mine ;P i really need to get it sorted out!

    1. Hehe, thanks lovely! Ah no, yours is fabulous- perfect for showing off all your amazing photos! :) xXxXx

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