Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Vintage Princess Jewellery & Katelizabeth Photography

Morning lovelies,

Hope you're well!

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my wonderful photographer- Kate from Katelizabeth Photography! Here's a photo of the lady herself... I adore this photo of her :)

As you may already know, I've been working with Kate for a long time now, nearly ever since I started my business. Kate's the one who is responsible for producing all the amazing photos of my jewellery! Working together we've had some fabulous photoshoots! I'll take you through most of them in this blog. Read on to see some simply stunning photography!

First I want to show/remind you of the amazing Glamour Photoshoot that Kate did for me a while ago now. It's a timeless shoot, still having the same 'WOW' impact on me as it did the first time I saw it. Kate did this photoshoot for me using some pieces I made inspired by the jewellery Audrey Hepburn wore, and my own pieces which feature both Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Kate's also used some green screen to produce some images for me. Her first ever attempt at using green screen and the results are simply amazing! Exactly what I wanted for my Summer 2011 advertisments!

Although this next shoot wasn't done for my jewellery, it does feature some of my jewellery and I really want to show you it! The Era shoot Kate did produced some amazing photos, this one is definitely my favourite...

Oooh, the next shoot I'm going to tell you about is definitely one of my favourites ever! It's featuring the beautiful Constance Peach! For this shoot I made a whole new collection of gorgeous jewellery, some of which is still available on my website- although not much is left I have to admit! I'll probably do another blog post just about this shoot as I adore it so much! But here's one of my favourite shots...

The Autumn/Winter photoshoot for 2011 saw Vintage Princess Jewellery's new collection comprising of fabulous knitwear as well as jewellery. So we went for more of a 'lifestyle' photoshoot, and my little puppy Archie made his photoshoot debut! Kate did such a fab job of working with him- lots of shouts of 'Archie', 'biscuits' and 'chicken' usually did the trick of getting him to look at the camera! haha.

Emi is the gorgeous model in the above photo and all the others from now on actually! I just love her look, so requested if she could be in all the photoshoots we had planned before Kate went back to uni.
The next photoshoot is what Kate came up with when I gave her my new pieces using Swarovski crystal to photograph- isn't this photo amazing!!!

Such a stunning photo! I was so, so, so pleased with this one! It looks like something you'd seen in a glossy magazine! Kate did me proud with this one! :)

For the Princess Pop collection we went for something a little bit different, and once again Kate delivered exactly what I wanted! Something super colourful, pop, with a kawaii style...

Ooooh, the White Princess shoot is the most recent one Kate's done for me and it's just gorgeous! Very 'Vintage Princess', simply stunning.

I just love all the photoshoots Kate has done for me, she's always worked so well with me to come up with amazing results. Such an amazing photographer. If you want to know more about Kate's work you can have a look at her Facebook page and you should definitely follow her blog! Both are really fab and I know you'll love following her and seeing all her wonderful work!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog and looking at all the stunning photos!

Much love,

Laura xXxXx
Vintage Princess Jewellery

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